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3600 Degrees Analysis  


Covers all aspects of the home like civil, electrical, plumbing, child safety etc



Standardized processes, packages and deliverables to ensure transparency in pricing and processes.


Detailed report with all snags (issues) highlighted, along with photographs.



Get the service delivered in a convenient, hassle-free manner within the set timelines.

How to Place Your Order


Quickly compare prices and delivery timelines of our home inspectors. Base package covers 2000 sft built-up area.


For larger sized villas, select the appropriate add-on.


Your details are safe. We ensure your hard-earned money stays protected.


We will send the payment to the inspector only after the service is delivered to your complete satisfaction.

How Our Process Works 


On placing your order, you will be redirected to the home inspector's address and phone number details.


Provide details of the villa to be inspected and request for an inspection slot of your choice - do this over phone.



Our inspectors will arrive at the villa, with all necessary equipment’s/cameras. Inspections complete in 3 hours.



Within 2 days of completing the inspection, our inspectors will upload the soft copy of the report on your order page.


Frequently Asked Questions


What will be the expertise of the property inspector?

The property inspectors are experts in the field of civil, electrical, plumbing and sanitation. Apart from this they will have good understanding of the safety standards and environmental aspects.

Should I be present at the site during the inspection?

Yes, it is highly advisable for you to be present at the site during inspection. The home inspector will clear all your doubts during his visit to the site.

What are the different checks performed during the inspection?

There are over 50 odd points across civil, electrical, plumbing and pest-control categories which are inspected. For e.g., some of the critical points are "Are ELCB/RCCB provided, if provided does trip load test work?", "Are there any leaks around taps, faucets, EWCs and wash basins?", "Is there dampness/leakages in any of the walls?" etc. Refer for more details.

Does the property inspector use any gadgets?

Yes, they use advanced gadgets during inspection like Clamp Meter, Moisture Meter, AC Fault detectors, Digital Insulation Tester, Laser distance measurer, Infrared Thermometer, AC Voltage Detector, Rubber Hammer, Wala Bot 3D Imaging Sensor etc.

Do I need to book a service by paying upfront?

Yes. However, when you pay, the money will be held in an escrow account and will be released to the home inspector only after the work is complete to your satisfaction.

Are these fixed prices?

Yes, the prices you see are pre-negotiated and all inclusive.

How long does it take?

It should take 4 working days for you to get a detailed inspection report.

Will any of the inspection tests be destructive in nature?

No. All the tests done by the inspectors are visual and operational in nature.

How detailed are the reports?

The reports will list each of the 100 plus odd points (along with images) which are inspected and deficiencies found in each of them. These reports can be shared with the builder/seller.

What is the purpose of a home inspection?

Home inspection is an inexpensive way to uncover the actual condition of the home. In this process you will be able to identify a list of defects/snags in construction for the builder/seller to rectify. Though there is no hard and fast rule of inclusion in an inspection report, experts define their own snag reports to list all possible defects and omissions found. This process of inspection and correction can be broadly termed as Snagging. As a result, you can actually get the defects fixed by your builder or seller before moving to your dream home.

Do you need to have a home inspection to get a loan?

No, not necessarily.

How much money can I save If I avail Home Inspection Service?

Can we measure the monetary value of not a child proofing house. It is impossible to measure the price of peace of mind that comes from having a house free of major and minor problems. The Range can start from INR 60,000 and can move to a few lakhs in a city like Vijayawada. It costs you a small fraction of the amount which you can save. You can share the report with the builder or seller who can fix the defects for free.

Is home inspection is helpful for a resale property?

It is not mandatory to carry out a home inspection for a resale property. The chances of identification of leaky roofs, broken tiles, faulty wirings, scaling of walls, Hidden Moisture Traps are comparatively higher in case of a resale property. So it is advisable to inspect a resale property.

What is the cost of home inspection?

Typically, Home inspection cost starts from INR 6400. If you are purchasing a villa the range starts from INR 8500.

Why is Home Inspection of commercial property important?

While buying or leasing a commercial property, there are various small things that get missed out. Since commercial property is a huge and long-term investment, you need to be absolutely certain that you get the worth of every penny you spend. We have the expertise and experience in inspecting commercial properties to find and highlight such nuances.

What is the output of a Home Inspection Report?

Yes, you will get a detailed Inspection Report digitally. You can show this home inspection report or the snagging report to the builder or seller of the property to get it fixed. The report will contain Some of the pictures of defect areas, which can be fixed by the builder. You can physically inspect or check the changes made by the builder by comparing it with the report.