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The beginning

Ever realized how difficult it is to buy a home?

Location hunting, identifying good properties, negotiating prices, verifying documents, finding a lawyer to do it, Capturing all terms & conditions of sale and Protecting customer interests in a sale agreement, Documentation Drafting and Registration – it’s all such a hassle ! I realized the enormity of this hassle when I bought my respective house. And I decided to fix it, once and for all. I met Retired Officials, Voluntary  Consumers Organizations, Lawyers, Social workers and etc,  for their valuable suggestions & services. That's how  housingoutlook was born. 

What Housingoutlook do

Housingoutlook understand that it is your hard earned money at stake and will do our best to ensure it stays safe.

We are perhaps the only Housingoutlook on the home buyer’s side. With transparent pricing, professional expertise - for legal & civil engineering, due diligence, fraud & forgery detection etc. - and technology, we ensure that you buy your home with complete confidence, at your convenience.

Housingoutlook vs Property Portals

Creating value for consumers as opposed to unfulfilled words by property owners. Everything we do, we keep the home buyer’s interest at heart, as opposed to being a front for property owners & brokers.

Hidden Facts vs. Visual Information

We provide deep insights on each Property. e.g. ownership, approvals, litigation's, price intelligence which is unavailable anywhere else.

Integrated Service Offerings

We provide all the services you need while buying your home, entirely at your convenience and make it a stress-free

Grievance redressal System for housingoutlook Customers   

    Before  or  After Purchasing  the Property,  if our customers facing problems related to the commitments given by the sellers in written, Our doors are always open for Grievance redressal.



           The process of buying real estate reveals a lot of uncertainties in the process – the construction will take years to be fulfilled and a substantial amount of money has been invested by the consumer for purchase of their house. Accordingly, the common grievances of consumers with respect to the real estate sector can be divided into two parts –  problems faced before purchasing and problems faced after purchasing.

  1. False/misleading information being given by the Real Estate Agent. 
  2. Misleading advertisement promotion through Television, Radio, or any other electronic media,Newspapers, Banners, Posters, Handbills, wall-writing etc and false Promises.
  3. Plan Deviations, Error in layout maps and Approvals.
  4. Failure to provide basic infrastructure.
  5. Neglecting consumer rights in  sale agreement and document Registration.
  6. Charging of additional money due to unfair clauses in the contractual agreement.
  7. Selling of common spaces (Parks, etc..) without permission of the residents.
  8. Double Registrations and Registrations with Wrong Survey Numbers.
  9. Provision of plot in irregular shape.
  10. Treatment of re-allottees as original allottees
  11. Delay in allotment and transferring the title of property to the consumer.
  12. Execution of sale deed.
  13. Poor quality of construction 
  14. Inordinate and unjustified delay in construction.
  15. Increase in cost of construction.
  16. Failure to deliver possession.
  17. Installing lifts without minimum power backup.
  18. Lack of maintenance of facilities and amenities.
  19. Unfair trade practice in booking of Property.
  20. Allotment of same flat twice.
  21. Exclusion of name from allotment list
  22. breach of obligations.
  23. Selling Plots in Installment payment process with unfair clauses.
  24. Execution of conveyance deed if power of attorney has been revoked. 
  25. Delay in payment of compensation if a grievance is recognized by the service provider.
 *** This information is for only Consumer Awareness, for More Details visit Respective Websites