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 Get your property verified thoroughly
to avoid legal hassles in future!


3600 Degrees Analysis   


Covers all aspects including legal due diligence, fraud & forgery and sale agreement review.



Standardized processes, packages and deliverables to ensure transparency in pricing and processes.


Handpicked, verified property lawyers with 10+ years of specialization to provide an objective legal opinion.



Get the service delivered in a convenient, hassle-free manner within the set timelines.


How to Place Your Order


Quickly compare prices, delivery timelines of lawyers. Base package covers title scrutiny, 10yr EC & verification of approvals/bye-laws. 


Select additional services like verification in a government office, lease agreement review to get complete coverage. 


Your details are safe. We ensure your hard-earned money stays protected.





We will send the payment to the lawyer only after the service is delivered to your complete satisfaction.


How Our Process Works



On placing your order, you will be redirected to the lawyer's address and phone number details.



Our team will pick up and deliver documents to your lawyer in 24 hours. Talk to the lawyer over phone.



Missing document checklist shared after lawyer’s scrutiny. If add-ons like OC check exist, the engineer will inspect site.


On receiving pending documents, the lawyer uploads legal opinion on & ships back hard copy along with your documents.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different aspects covered in property verification at Housingoutlook?

The property lawyers look into two major aspects while verifying the property. First, is the land on which the property is being or been built has been procured legally and there are no issues with respect to ownership transfers, partitions, conversions, mutations etc. Second, is if the property is being or been built in compliance to the local governing regulations, sanctions, laws and bye-laws.


How do I choose the right lawyer?

All lawyers listed are verified and vetted by Housingoutlook. They specialize in property matters and have a minimum of 10 years of experience in this domain. They are well versed with APCRDA laws and VIJAYAWADA real estate issues. The prices vary depending on their years of experience, whether they are individual lawyers or law firm. Location of the lawyer is not such a big factor as Housingoutlook logistics will pick up property documents for verification from your door step and deliver to the lawyer. Moreover, you can communicate with the lawyer over phone (the contact details of the lawyer are shared as soon as you book the service)


Do I need to book a service by paying upfront?

Yes. However, when you pay, the money will be held in an escrow account and will be released to the lawyers only after the work is complete to your satisfaction.


Are these fixed prices?

Yes, the prices you see are pre-negotiated and all inclusive.


What is the output of property verification?

The lawyer will share a legal opinion on his or her letter head which will be shipped to you along with the documents you have provided.


How long does it take it get the final legal opinion?

The time taken differs from lawyer to lawyer and can be seen in their service listings.


What is the list of property documents that I need to share?

We advise you to get started on the property document verification process with what is provided to you by the seller/builder. The lawyer will revert back with a requisition list of missing documents after the preliminary inspection. For your reference we have made a master list of documents which can be found here: 


How can I share the property documents with the lawyer?

Housingoutlook has integrated door step document pickup and delivery. Our logistics team will co-ordinate with you once you place the order.


The builder has provided me a CD containing the property documents, can I share that?

No. Hard copies of the documents are mandatory for property document verification. Housingoutlook provides in-house bulk printing facility for legal documents @ Rs 1 / page and delivery of the documents to the lawyer. You could share the documents in any file sharing service like Google drive, drop box etc.


If the legal verification of the property fails, will Housingoutlook help in getting back the booking amount?

No. It is always advisable to get into a written understanding with the seller or builder before you pay the booking amount to avoid future hassles stating full refund in case the legal verification of the property does not come through. In order to help clients in this regard we have created a legally drafted standard MOU. It is available for download here: 


Is review of sale/construction agreement also included the property document verification process?

No, it is not included in the base service. However, it can be bought as an add-on at an additional cost. Sale/construction agreement is a very important legally binding commercial agreement. We recommend all our customers to get them reviewed to avoid one-sided agreements and have their interests protected.


Does the property verification service include verification of original documents and extracting missing property documents from relevant government offices?

No, they are not included in the base service. The lawyers give their legal opinion based on the documents furnished to them, which are typically photo copies or scanned documents. Verifying original documents at the builder or seller's premise would incur extra cost and can be bought as an add-on. In case of missing or lost property documents, you can avail another service offered by Housingoutlook called Title Search wherein our property lawyers could dig out the documents from the relevant government offices. Few examples of documents are 'Assessment Number Certificate and Extract", "NOCs", "Betterment Charges Receipt", "Plan & License", "Tax paid receipts", "Sale Deeds" etc.